Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application- Please download the application. You may bring the completed application to our office along with $25 for the application fee.

  • Where is the main office located?
We are located at 855 Sunset Drive Suite 3A Athens, GA 30606

  • What are the tenant qualifications?
- Completed application with an application fee ($25) and proof of identity
- Credit history will be obtained. Satisfactory credit history is required.
- Income of approximately 3 times rent is usually the minimum.
- Length and stability of employment
- Prior Rental References going back 2 years including payment history
- Each of these criteria as well as other factors that we feel may be important              will be given consideration in approving applications

  • How do I get information on specific apartments?
Call our office during business hours (9-5 mon-fri) or search through our listing on  

  • What are guarantors?

  • How much is a deposit?
Athena Management’s deposit is one months rent.

  • What is the length of a lease?
Twelve months but is negotiable in some cases.

We use a Continuing Parental or Sponsor Guaranty Form. We allow college students to use guarantors.  The qualified guarantor will actually sign the lease, since the student  will be in school and unable to earn the required amount to qualify to lease. The guarantor becomes responsible to personally guarantee the Lease.
855 Sunset Drive
Suite 3
Athens, GA 30606

706-549-6070 phone
706-549-6096 fax